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 Quản trị viên —  4/25/2017 —  4097

Social Restaurant was inaugurated in Oct 2012 by HCMC Charity Foundationin order to offer special meal with privileged price for poor students, immigrant & local workers in the area of HCMC. The foundation does fundraising to have enough budget, in order to be able to sell a quality meal with the cost of 2000 VND (about less than 10 USD cent).

Volunteers will involve in project activities in order to make a good meals for poor people. If volunteer has experience on cooking, there is a possibility to join for the cooking job if you can communicate to local cook. In the most cases, volunteers will help for preparing food, washing vegetables, set up the table and other works.

-Volunteers’ tasks are mainly helping project by preparing food, washing vegetables or set up table.

-When begin opening for buyers, volunteers’ tasks will be likely to bring dishes to eating table and serve.

-After finishing, volunteers would be cleaning the tables, washing dishes…

Working time: 8-13h, from Monday to Friday