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Education project

 Quản trị viên —  4/15/2017 —  4120

1. Teaching English/French/German/Japanese/Korean/ Chinese/ Sports or Arts/Music

Volunteers will teach one of langue list above or one subject such as Art/Culture/Dancing/Sport/etc; but English will be the major subject, that the reason this project also called Teaching English.

At a local Vietnamese educational institution, from primary level until tertiary level. Many Vietnamese schools lack teachers with sufficient English competencies to extend the students’ English beyond basic writing and speaking skills. Volunteers help to improve the children's vocabulary and pronunciation, assist local teachers in managing their classes, organize games and other activities in the classroom, and help to improve the children's listening and speaking skills. Working hours will vary depending on the school where the volunteer is placed and will average around three to six hours per day). Please note, volunteers do not need to be a qualified orexperienced teacher to participate in this kind of project; however, in some certain placements, teaching experience is necessary. Besides the normal work at local schools, volunteers are welcome to join communication English/French classes for local children and students that we organize once or twice a year (usually in summer time). In this project, volunteers can learn and develop their teaching experiences through working independently, making lesson plan and creating their own activities in the class. A good experience with local teachers and students How students enjoy the presence of volunteers

2. Sports education

The Sports Education project is designed for volunteers who wish to work with children in schools/orphanages or house for homeless children, but not necessarily spend all their time teaching in a classroom. Volunteers have the opportunity to assist in schools/orphanages to broaden children’s knowledge of sport, through teaching “foreign” sports and games to the children and educating them on general fitness, health and wellbeing in addition to taking general lessons at the school. It is up to the volunteer to plan lessons and design the teaching of their sports program. Children are extremely enthusiastic and willing to learn, however past volunteers have found it important to be prepared if they are to teach the children foreign concepts and ideas (such as a new sport). While football/soccer is extremely popular in Vietnam, many volunteers have found it rewarding to teach the children other sports from the volunteer’s home country, such as baseball, lacrosse, basketball, cricket and rugby. If a volunteer wishes to do this, they must plan ahead and often bring the required materials and equipment themselves as it is highly likely this will not be available in local stores and shopping centers. Volunteers do not need any previous teaching experience for this program, but it is important to note that volunteers may be required to teach other classes during the day, such as English, Math, English, Science or Social Studies (Geography and History). Therefore, this program is really connected to teaching program.