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Individual Volunteer Program

 Quản trị viên —  8/5/2016 —  

This program offers volunteers an opportunity to give back to the local communities as an individual while learning and improving necessary skills for life in a multicultural environment. It is up to the volunteers to decide the length of their stay, ranging from 01 week to 01 year. Joining this program, volunteers may not see the impact right away, but together will all other individual volunteers, they are making long-term and sustainable impacts on local projects.


  • Pick up from Noi Bai (Hanoi) international airport
  • Accommodation (Food and lodging) at VPV Dormitory
  • 2 to 3-Day Orientation           
  • Presentation of aims and structure of VPV    

- Short introduction to Vietnam and local area  

- Practical Information and Arrangements

- 2-3 hours of basic Vietnamese

- Sightseeing and exposure tour in Hanoi

- Visit to Host Placement(s)

  • 1- day Mid-term Evaluation (for those who stay for 6 months and over)
  • 1- day Final Evaluation
  • On going support and supervision during the program
  • Local transportation to the volunteer site

Starting dates:  Every month on the 1st and the 3rd Monday. 

Program fee:

Program fee is counted on weekly basis, which is 450Euro for the first four weeks and 75Euro for each week after. This fee applies to all new applications from October 2013 onwards. This is to carry out and ensure all the elements of the programs (mentioned above).


This fee should be transferred to VPV bank account at least 1 month before the program start date. In some special cases, volunteers can pay in cash upon their arrival.

Account name: Volunteers for Peace Vietnam

Account number: 3631669 (USD), 3631670 (EURO), 5028352 (VND)

At ANZ Bank, Hanoi Branch.