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 Quản trị viên —  11/3/2017 —  3786

Last Thursday and Friday, 17 & 18 August, 2017, VPV conducted a final evaluation for long-term volunteers, who have been with us for 1 year. The aims of this evaluation are to relfect what volunteers have completed, what they developed and gained, be it technical or cultural knowledge, skills, friends, etc. More importantly, this is the moment to "wind their trips down", prepare to go home and set new plans for their life. 

At first, volunteers took turn to share about challenges that they met, and give different recommendations to make them better. After that, they discussed how this 1-year-trip changed them in both positive and negative ways. They also talked about cultural differences, how Vietnamese culture shocked them and how they will manage culture shock reverse when they are back home. At the end, they all have learnt something for themselves, they understood Vietnamese culture more. 

On the 17th evening, VPV staff and volunteers gathered to have a farewell dinner. They all cooked food from their countries to invite VPV as a "goodbye and thank you" present. German bread, Colombian fried banana, tomato sauces, and Pasta, etc... were delicious. They also made a "cute" postcard to say "thank you". 

"We will miss you, our lovely volunteers. Do not forget to stay in touch!"- Said VPV team :)


Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1

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Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3

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Newsletter #3



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