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 Quản trị viên —  4/10/2019 —  2400

One day, we all need to say goodbye to places that you often go to, people you know and work that you used to do. I can’t believe that I am leaving VPV where I had been working for more than 4 years.  VPV is always considered as my second home that I feel safe to address myself and happy when thinking of. Yesterday was my last day at work. It was not as hard as I thought. Perhaps it is because my mind was prepared for this.

Now sitting alone, I am having a flashback of my time at VPV. I started the work as a local supporter when I was at 3rd year of university. I taught Vietnamese lessons, guided international volunteers on tours around Hanoi, supported when they need, and also hanged out with them. At that time, I found this work super fun. In a positive and innocent thought, I was very happy because I could meet different people all over the world, made friends, learnt more about their countries, their cultures and customs without travelling. How amazing! I had a lot of interaction and contacts with them. I mostly spent my time at VPV, days and nights. I quit a few  classes at university to stay at VPV from time to time. Luckily, nothing happened to me. I could graduate as planned.

Later on, I found the work at VPV more and more interesting. I could see myself in the work. Then I applied to become an intern. After 9 months of internship, I was “upgraded” to be a program coordinator. I was so happy and ready for this. At first, it was not easy to switch from a “friend” of volunteers, to be their “coordinator”. Coordinator is such a strange position for me. There were periods I felt stressed, disappointed and doubted myself. I used to think “Is this job really for me? Can I do this?, etc” A lot of questions and thoughts crossed my mind at that time. I nearly quit. At that exact time,  international volunteers and the work cheered me up and motivated me to continue doing it. I realised that everything took time. I observed more, I kept staying humble and always asked for help when I need. Thanks to this, I knew that I was never alone at work. My colleagues, my volunteers that some became my friends were always with me.  Through what I have learnt on the job and got support from my colleagues,  I managed to find out my own way to work with volunteers.

I feel grateful for the time I had at VPV. Before VPV, I was a naive and inexperienced girl. After VPV, I found myself open-minded, critical, responsible and confident. I am more positive.I believe in myself. I was very lucky to have a good start into life after university. My life has been more colourful, lively and happy than ever. More importantly,  I have found myself and become a better version of it.

In the next 8 months, I will be in Slovakia for a voluntary trip. Where will I be after this adventure?  I am looking for an answer too. Let time tell me where to go next.

Goodbye VPV, until we meet again. I will miss you…!