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[English Summer Classes] My thoughts on my project

 Quản trị viên —  8/8/2017 —  167

Volunteer’s nameTracey Keogh 

Nationality: Irish 

Project: English Summer Classes 

Duration: 8 weeks 


I cannot speak highly enough of my project or working with Ms Nga. Granted at the beginning I had some concerns but not necessarily with my project. It took time to adjust into the role and more importantly to let go of my cultural expectations..

Once I did that everything ran smoothly. I was overwhelmed to begin with in regards to the number of Vietnamese volunteers per class. I spoke with Ms Nga and the number of people who were in class was reduced. Ms Nga is very approachable and understanding and always listens to us volunteers. I think she is an amazing lady. 

The only issue I found difficult during my time was that so many volunteers from the house go to one school. Even when it is clear there is no need to have that many, with some having days off or hearing volunteers just decided to leave a class early.

I know you asked about the difficulties on my project but honestly this ties in with it. I love my project and am grateful to both VPV and Ms Nga for allowing me the opportunity to follow through with this project from start to finish. I love teaching my classes and working alongside the Vietnamese volunteers who I am very lucky to call my friends.

It was because I was so passionate about my project that I believe moving forward with it you should consider allocating two English teachers from VPV to this project. The children deserve it. There are different levels of capability in any classroom but it does not help if the teacher has his/her back to students at any one time.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Me on an one-day-trip with Ms. Nga and students 



Having come from a disadvataged background it has really warmed my heart helping to teach students who cannot afford to go to English centres or private schools. I really mean that. The children I am blessed to teach are amazing and deserve the same level of education as any other student.

I am sorry if this is too long I really cannot thank VPV enough for putting me on this project. Also a special word of thanks for sending Charlotte to this project for 3 weeks. It was very beneficial to the children having us both there. My experience has been truly fantastic. I have loved my time here and will be very sad saying goodbye to the children, Ms Nga and the Vietnamese volunteers.